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Executive Coaching

One-On-One Personalized Business Training

Why consider executive coaching?

Rick Johnson, CEO Strategist provides executive coaching services to top decision makers and sales people in the wholesale distribution industrySimple: In most cases, what's good for the individual is also good for the company. When one needs help separating the forest from the trees, they normally find the forest within the confines of the company. When one is making decisions from a position of stress, they find that stress is normally ascribed to the requirements of the job, and stress relief usually allows the job to be done better, faster, and with much more enthusiasm.

The benefits of Rick Johnson's personalized executive coaching include:

Rick will challenge you with specific business objectives, showing you how to accelerate your personal growth as a leader.

The higher you are in the management hierarchy, the more solitary the decision-making base becomes. Regardless of your experience, a third-party whose future doesn’t rest on one decision or one action can be invaluable.

Use your personal coach as a sounding board for concepts that might seem foolish or embarrassing, that even your most trusted insider is better off not knowing initially.

Sometimes listening to yourself explain a concept, defend a position, or just brainstorming provides the kind of clarity that’s often missing in your normal day-to-day thought process.

“Having assumed the position of business manager with complete responsibility for the P&L, balance sheet and projected growth initiatives was quite a challenge for me, considering I had no direct field sales experience. Rick’s personal executive coaching allowed me to not only validate many decisions, but it taught me to reach beyond my immediate horizon to find ideas, answers and creative innovations. Rick’s questions, challenges, and unique way of holding me accountable to myself, as well as the tasks in front of me, has accelerated my leadership growth beyond measurement. Additionally, Rick’s help training our sales designers has been invaluable.”
--C. McCreight

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