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“The higher you are in the management hierarchy, the more solitary the decision-making base becomes,” says CEO Strategist Rick Johnson.  “Even with all of your experience, you can still use a third-party whose future does not rest on a decision or action; someone you can use as a sounding board for ideas and plans that affect your business, your colleagues and yourself.”

With a personal executive coach you can eliminate road blocks and assess your life and work more objectively. Coaching helps you distinguish between what you ‘should’ want and what you ‘truly’ want.  It helps you develop a corresponding vision that will increase your effectiveness at reaching personal and business goals.

Let CEO Strategist Rick Johnson Help You Reach Your Peak Performance.

Executive Coaching
Accelerate achieving your business goals and experience greater personal growth with executive coach and personal business consultant Rick Johnson. Rick will challenge you with specific business objectives related to your personal growth as a leader. When you can discuss ideas and concerns with someone who is independent but subjective, you usually make better decisions. Learn more about Executive Coaching , , ,

Business Assessments
Before you can solve a problem, you must first accurately diagnose it. While it’s often easy to recognize an existing problem, it’s usually much more difficult finding its cause. That’s why a business assessment by Rick Johnson of CEO Strategist is so important. It provides an outside pair of eyes with in-depth industry experience to help you identify and resolve the most serious challenges facing your business. Learn more about Business Assessments. . .

Strategic Planning
Through intense one-on-one coaching and personalized consultations, CEO Strategist Rick Johnson’s strategic planning process strengthens your focus, process, accountability, prioritization and execution, building the skill sets to ensure that objectives are met and initiatives successfully completed. Learn more about Strategic Planning . . .

Sales Management
You must know how to recruit the best, provide the necessary resources, and train, coach, and mentor your sales team. It all starts with effective sales management, and with personal coaching Rick Johnson can show you how to build the right foundation to take your sales team to the next level. Learn more about Sales Management . . .

Board Representation
Family-owned and privately-held organizations in the wholesale distribution industry, both small and large, face a variety of unique management issues. CEO Strategist Rick Johnson specializes in coaching and mentoring businesses through succession issues, family preparation, and second- and third-generation leadership issues. Rick can even sit as a director on the board to make sure your interests are understood and respected. Learn more about Board Representation . . .

Addressing that age-old “love-hate” relationship that exists between the manufacturer sales team and distribution sales team, and defining it to the benefit of both “sides” is a specialty of CEO Strategist Rick Johnson. Long ago Rick discovered the vast potential of team building, and he’s seen the incredible payoff when these traditional opposites work together effectively. Rick’s facilitation program addresses the misperceptions and focuses on the realities of the manufacturer-distributor partnership, emphasizing both sides of the equation. Learn more about Facilitation . . .

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