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Increasing your market share and maximizing profits requires a well-trained and highly motivated sales team. With so much on the line, you need to ask yourself whether or not your sales team is living up to your expectations.

If you answered “yes” to these questions, congratulations… you’re in the rare minority in wholesale distribution!

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, please keep reading…

Your sales team, which includes inside sales, outside sales, customer service and management, must function as your “front line soldiers” charged with increasing market share and maximizing profitability. It should go without saying then that you need to have as many “A List ” players on your sales team as possible.

Your sales and independent territory strategies must also be in alignment with corporate objectives. That means you must actively recruit the best, provide the necessary resources, train, coach, and mentor your sales team, and create focus, process, discipline, and accountability. 

If your sales team doesn’t meet all of these criteria, and your company hasn’t provided the support required in all phases of the sales process, Rick Johnson, founder of CEO Strategist, can help you build the right foundation to take your sales team to the next level.

Start with effective sales management. 

Rick has the expertise and “real world” experience to teach your sales team how to maximize growth, profitability and market share with built-in accountability, structure, and process.

As your company’s personal sales management consultant, Rick can help you get back on course to growth and profitability quickly. Rick has even published a book on the process involved, entitled “Lone Wolf to Lead Wolf—The Evolution of Sales.” He understands and shares with your team the tools and disciplines they need to succeed, including ‘Best Practices’ as they relate to your company, effective targeting, realistic and profitable goal setting, action planning, proactive outcall, and the T.O.A.D. Process (Territory Opportunity Action-planning Discussion).

T.O.A.D. Process (Territory Opportunity Action-planning Discussion)

Rick also developed the Tier Level Selling (T.L.S.) process, which embraces Best Practice to become a platform to help your entire sales team and sales management achieve maximum efficiency.

The primary purpose and benefit of the T.L.S. program is to become and remain focused on your strategic objective: becoming the "Supplier of Choice" to your customers. This program is a flexible guide to lead your sales team to growth in profitable sales and market share.

In addition, Rick’s T.L.S. program includes:

These are just some of the proven and effective tools utilized in sales management consulting services by Rick Johnson.

Contact the CEO Strategist today and get started right away motivating your sales team and increasing your profitability!