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Just My Opinion -- Profit is the Driving Force
by Dr. Rick Johnson
March 01, 2013

“Profit is not a Dirty Word.” Profit is the driving force that encourages a willingness to take risks and taking calculated risks to generate profit requires an replica watches uk adaptability to change. Profit is the lifeblood of business success. Without it there are no jobs, no promotions, no growth and no leadership. Leaders have a unique ability to generate profit. A Howl reader wrote to me several years ago regarding the direction of our country. I believe his words were very telling and when you consider the “Occupy Wall Street” movement we are experiencing today I thought it was worth taking another look at it. “While I appreciate Rick’s comments on www.buyreplicawatches.co.uk leadership, Online Outlet, Cheap Replica Watches UK Store, Swiss Replica Watches Sale, Free UK Shipping!!in his frequent emails, this one struck home in terms of the direction our country is being taken. Many in our society truly envy others who are more successful. It manifests itself in complaints about CEO compensation. Based on their comments when I ask follow-up questions, they envy anyone who takes home more in their paycheck. I’m always amazed at how many locals think the wife and I are rich because we own some small businesses, employ some people, and have had a small degree of success. At the most, we are upper middle class.” The Democrats are taking advantage of these people to stay in power, pass socialist legislation by saying they will only tax the rich. Ultimately, this approach will penalize those who are willing to take calculated risks to be successful. People will no longer be willing to take the calculated risks required to strive for business success. Without it there are no jobs, no leadership. Think about what this means. Jobs and promotions will be based on who you know politically. Not merit, ability, or willing to take risks. Actually, risk-taking will be penalized because your actions threaten those in political power whose sole focus is to stay in power. What people don’t realize is that everyone has someone who makes more than them. The highly paid union worker is envied by those who make less; those who have a good job by those making near minimum wage; those with any job are envied by those who want a job. Even those who are living on the dole envy those who get more on the dole. Guess what folks? Socialism won’t rest until everyone “makes” the same amount of money. And, it won’t be what the union workers make. We will all be mired in low-paying jobs. Oh, we may get $50/hour. But, that $50 comes with high taxes, because you are now “rich.” And, what’s left at the end of the day is enough to buy a gallon of milk or loaf of bread with the inflated dollars. Only the political class will be well-off. The risk takers will be gone. Ground into dust. What happens when the risk takers are gone? Where do you buy your fuel? The incentive to drill, refine, and deliver it to your local station is gone. Sure, the government will take it over. How hard will they work to make sure everyone has a ready supply? Or, will they only supply those areas that vote their way? Want to guess? Besides, they want evil gasoline gone. Solar? What a laugh. Can you ride a bike? Better live close to work, stores, and church. Online Outlet, Cheap Replica Watches UK Store, Swiss Replica Watches Sale, Free UK Shipping!!
Better still. Learn to ride a horse or drive a horse and buggy. Where do you buy your food? The incentive for large farms, refrigerated shipping, and huge supermarkets is gone. Welcome back the local farmers market. Might want to learn how to grow your own victory garden, harvest your own seed stock, make your own tools, or buy from the local blacksmith. All the Wal-Mart’s, hardware stores, and mega grocers will be gone. Where will you get your health care? The incentive for the latest medicines and technologies is gone. Home remedies are back; Local doctors, midwives. No training as the few government run schools will be packed. Their graduates assigned to areas where people vote correctly. You think not? Better believe it. Nope. We are headed in the direction of destroying risk taking in America. God help us. BTW. My last conversation with a socialist ended thusly. He wants everyone to make the same. I offered, as I frequently do, for him or anyone else to go to the bank, borrow the money, and buy me out. Then, they too can make what I make. And run my business any way they saw fit. His response was, “Many people don’t want to be on the hook for that.” I asked why he was resentful of those willing to take that risk. He turned and walked away. Sign up for Rick’s newsletter to help you become a better leader.” Warm Regards, Scott