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Interviewing Guide and Job Descriptions

The Lead Wolf: Interviewing Guide and Sample Job Descriptions immediate download package by CEO Strategist Rick JohnsonOrder now to receive instant access to "The Lead Wolf: Interviewing Guide" and "Sample Job Descriptions." Rick Johnson, Ph. D., discusses what the interviewing team should know about the job, what the team should discover about the candidate during the interview and an overview of the entire employment process. Also in the Interviewing Guide are sections on understanding the interview process, how to use data collected to evaluate candidates, sample questions to ask your candidates and much more.

Included in this download is the Sample Job Descriptions guide, which will provide you examples of job postings for openings for President of the company, all the way down to the billing clerks, warehouse managers and drivers.

All of this is available for download in Adobe PDF format for only $99.95. You can download these products an unlimited amount of times.

PLUS - The Interviewing Guide comes with a bonus Employee Evaluation Form and Compliance Information.

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