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Start benefiting from the sales, leadership and organizational experience of CEO Strategist Rick Johnson today with his most-popular multi-media kits and books, now offered in money-saving combinations. Not only will you benefit from more of Rick’s effective strategies, but you’ll save money at the same time.

Leading the Pack
Profit is NOT a Dirty Word

Profit is NOT a Dirty Word
by Rick Johnson

Rick’s new book – Profit is NOT a Dirty Word is all about releasing the “Power of Profitability” in your employees. The formula to accomplish this is not complicated. This book is a must as it discusses that formula which includes everything from conducting employee performance reviews to the importance of creating and managing change. Learn more…

Sales Leader Combo

Sales Leader Combo

With this package, you will get:

  • Rick's "Unlocking the Secrets to Amazing Sales" kit with CDs and Workbook
  • "Lone Wolf to Lead Wolf: The Evolution of Sales"
  • "Turning Lone Wolves into Lead Wolves" – 56 Ideas to Maximize Sales

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CEO Executive Combo

CEO Executive Combo

In this money saving package for top executives and business owners, you will receive:

  • All of the above, PLUS...
  • "Real World Leadership: Learning to Lead So Other Are Sure to Follow" audio CD album
  • ADDING PROFIT by Understanding the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement audio CD kit
  • PLUS 1 Bonus book!

When you order the CEO Executive Combo — you will also receive a free copy of the Lead Wolf's Guide to Leadership Pocket Guide. The total value of this package is $449.80 -- but is offered here for only $420 (save 25%).

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The Lead Wolf Guide Series

The Lead Wolf Guide Series is designed for sales people, sales managers, small business owners, CEOs, and all levels of management who want to take their companies and their own careers to the next level and become the supplier of choice in their market!

The series is designed get you past the frustrations give you a maximum amount of information in a minimum of time! It will take you to the next level of business, whether you are a small family business or a multimillion dollar company.

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