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The founder of CEO Strategist, Rick Johnson has served more than 30 years in the distribution industry. His experience is vast, and its applications are highly sought after by businesses wanting to accelerate growth and increase profitability.

Throughout the year Rick travels from coast-to-coast and country-to-country as the keynote speaker of hundreds of industry functions. Sometimes the companies are large, sometimes they are small, but the one constant shared by all is their intense desire to learn, grow and succeed.

Rick’s speaking presentations are multi-media and based in reality. They are educational and entertaining, and appeal to all levels of management. Although he often speaks on these topics, his presentations are ALWAYS timely and specifically targeted to the audience—they are NEVER “canned” generic presentations. Relevant industry information specifically directed at each audience is a key priority in all of Rick’s speaking engagements.

Below are Rick's popular, insightful and informative speaking program topics:

“Lead Wolf Principles of Model-Driven Leadership ”
Rick has dealt with successful CEOs throughout North America during his 35 years of experience. In this presentation, Rick explores the evolution of leadership and the difference between a B.O.S.S. (a “Boisterous, Omnipotent, Self-indulgent Sociopath”) and the most effective leaders in business today. Four principles are explored that platform the transition to effective leadership today that include the three C's of Leadership--Courage, Commitment and Curiosity.

  • Create curiosity, courage and commitment
  • Release the power
  • Invite the energy
  • Become the "change"

“Profit Is Not A Dirty Word”--Maximize Your Sales Effectiveness
This dynamic speaking presentation is about the evolutionary process of sales, from the old school 'Lone Wolf' mentality to the current-age 'Lead wolf' mentality that creates results. This session covers sales-specific current day topics from Rick's popular business best-seller Lone Wolf--Lead Wolf: The Evolution of Sales.

  • Heed the call
  • Become your own personal trainer
  • Think like "Dr. Phil"--find the pain
  • 'Bring A Gun to a Knife Fight'--create competitive advantage

"Stop Thinking, Stop Talking--Start Planning and Master Change"
Strategic Planning starts with strategic thinking, and that means you must start with a definitive end game ('vision for the future'). This session takes the attendee beyond the creation of a "pretty" notebook plan and finds the real value in the creation of a strategic plan.

  • Take control of your future
  • Build the foundation
  • Define the boundaries
  • It's not about power and politics; it's about principle and process

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“A really good, down-to-earth” presentation. Don’t ever give up that style! I learned a lot…”
--Attendee HVAC industry,
Counter Conundrum Seminar

Great content, great style, informative and fun. I enjoyed attending and learned quite a bit about effective sales management.”
--Karen Berkemeyer,
President, Ceramic Design

“You really hit the nail on the head. I’m going to schedule our entire management staff for this session. Leadership and mentoring is such a difficult process. Your message was invaluable.
Building Supply Distributor

“I couldn’t give you a 10--nobody gets a 10--but you are easily a 9.5! I enjoyed the session on inter-relationships with our distributors.”
--Regional Manager,
Cooper Bearings

“Rick really gave us reason to think outside the box. It wasn’t exactly what we wanted to hear, but it sure was what we needed to here. Clearly an eye opener that calls for action, presented in a fashion that holds your attention.
VP of Sales, Lumber Distribution



Find out how you can bring in Rick to your business or organization!